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The Stilwell Community Organization is a non-profit organization representing a community of over 5,490 citizens and governed by a volunteer community member board of directors.  All those who support the Stilwell Community Organization do so as a volunteer and for the betterment of the entire community.

"Standing the Test of Time," a phrase used by the organization helps convey to others that it is the strength of our community spirit and neighborliness that creates an environment where people want to do things together and try and help each other when the opportunity exists.  We are a strong community that continues to honor and perpetuate its small-town feel, cohesive neighborhoods, a strong sense of community and quality of life.  A community that has and will continue to "Stand the Test of Time." 

Contact Us:  sco@stilwellcommunity.org

Send Donations (anytime) to:  Post Office Box 124; Stilwell Kansas 66085



KENNETH KLINGENSMITH - President  - ken@stilwellcommmunity.org

RON SMITH - Vice President

JAY COOK, DDS - Immediate Past President

JULIE BECK - Treasurer 




CHANDRA STANSBARGER - Stilwell Elementary School p.t.o.

 LISA THOMPSON -     Stilwell Elementary School

REV. DOREEN RICE - St. Francis of assisi episcopal church

MIKE FETTING - Holiness Church of Nazarene

TERRY GLIDDEN - Grace Bible Church

ANDREW KNEISLER - Glad acres homes association

LISA KRUSE - Bethany Lutheran Church

VINCE LOFFREDO - Berryhill Farm Estates HOA

First Baptist Church of Stilwell

BOB WINGER - Stilwell United Methodist Church

DIANA TATE - Aubry Bend Middle School