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The SCO Board of Directors is pleaseed to have collaborated with the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Deaprtment on the development of three parks and opening of two for the community of Stilwell, Kansas.

Etched in History

Under development is a Legacy Progject where your families name can be etched in Stilwell history.  You can buy a brick, stone or bench that will be placed in the Stilwell Community Park. The bricks and stones will be installed once we reach a cricial mass needed for a walkway or wall project. Prior to that, they can be viewed on display at certain events and wihtin the community.   Bench orders through the SCO (ken@stilwellcommunity.org) supports the community organization and can be placed at either of the two parks opened in Stilwell.  The cost of a bench is $1,000.   Just email Ken@stilwellcommunity.org to place an order and see what spots are still open for bench placement.

 Facility Rentals

You can rent the Pavilon (Park Shelter) at the Stilwell Community Park. 

Shelter Size - Medium

Sizing Capcaity - 36

Maxium Occupancy - 36

# of Picnic Tables - 6

Electricity & Lights - Electricity - No lights (it's Stilwell)

Restroom - Yes (25 feet from shelter)

Grill(s) - 1

Playground at Shelter - ABSOLTUELY - All Inclusive Playground - 1st in Johnson County!

Camp Branch Park - 183rd and Mission]
  • 300 Acres - Nature and Aubry Township History
  • Park Design Completed
  • COnsturction Start Date Pending (likely a few years off)

Stilwell Community Park - 2017th and Walmer
  • Opened June 2015
  • All Inclusive Playgorun (the first in Johnson County) Opened Septmeber 2018
  • All Inclusive Designed Restroom
  • Pavilon and Picnic Shelter
  • Drinking Fountain
  • 1 Mile Asphalt Walking Trail


Camp Branch Glide - 175h and Nall
  • Opened - November 2014
  • 1.5 mile nature trail system
  • Picnic Tables
  • Drinking Founation
  • Portable Restoom
  • Equestrian Usage - even a loop drive for equestrian trailers.